Aug 14, 2011

Upcoming Monday Diary 'Happy Bufday'

Dear Monday that i always waiting for you..
u know right that today would not be like other mundane day..
yes,today is a special day for me and you..
for us?of course..
what about others? family? friends?
will they remember of today?
what we will have for today?
something different of course..
seriously,i feel shy though i should not feel this way..
cheer up! but i'm not feeling well dear..
i'm gonna hushh..hushh..hushh..husshhhummmmmmmmm!
see? this flu spoiling my day!
will u give me some remedies?
oh no,medicine! gonna run away from this situation!
but we should celebrate it together..oh no!
feel so scared right now............................
i'll become biggerstrongerprettier , , , , , , , , , , , ,older.
OLDER! older drive me near to the death.
but you should be grateful young lady..thats mean Allah loves u!
yes,Allah always loves us!
for this remembering monday,
i would like to wish happy birthday to you
sometimes i feel so scare to grow up..
sometimes i feel so scare to confront with the whole world..
i still wanna play like i did so many years ago.. i miss that time..

8 Pemisah Kata:

sergeant keroro said...

happy forward birthday :)

y u y u Z u l a i k h a said...

<3 tak sabar nak wish :)

Cik Teddy said...

keroro: hihi..thanks sargeant!

yuyu: ihik..wish jgn x wish ^_^

iMBobo said...

happy bday cik teddy! :)

alif haris said...

happy birthday !! hehe :)

khairul said...

happy bday cik teddy

Heidi Shafiq said...

happy birthday.. :D

khairul said...

kenapa lorry ni tetiba stop tgh jalan ? .