Oct 27, 2011

Bad Entry..Don't Read This!

when your heart is started to talk,just let it be..
hear it..maybe it wants to tell you something..
and you realise how important it is to listen to your heart..
and that's what i'm doing now..

however,sometimes i failed to understand it..ouh so sad!
can't understand my own heart..how i feel..
oh heart,can u talk human language?i really can't understand u!

now u(who's reading this) realise that i'm in a middle of nowhere..
maybe in the mo0n or the pluto..
let me be like this..ignore this one!
!dizzy mo0d is activated!
learning is also activated! but it stopped for a while..
need a rest..

advises come! run away now!
The best advice I can give is to ignore advice.
Life is too short to be distracted by the opinions of others..
now you are really regret by reading this entry..this is the bad one.Sorry~

8 Pemisah Kata:

A I Y R A said...

.t'bce plakk ~
.heart is Our part Of life ~
.It's impOrtant to decide us On chOosing right decisiOn ! (:

Pendamba Mawar said...

datang komen je..xbaca pun sebab tajuk tak bagi komen.. kenapa ni cik kasih?

Cik Kasih said...

@A I Y R A yeah i agree!

Cik Kasih said...

@Pendamba Mawarsaje2 je la..kdang2 best jugak mngarut dlm blog ni..

izamin said...

enty best la.. tak mengarut pon dear ;)

NasZ said...

i am not regret. so, dont worry. i very like this entry. nice.

Cik tikah said...

feeling disorder nie. hehehe.. cuba senyum smbil pandang langit. tgok keindahan malam :)

kim heeruul said...

tak boleh bace?? tp boleh komen kan..hik hik hik.