Apr 18, 2011


time is continuously run
decorated with dark and light
joy and sorrow, tears and laugh
etched like a painting
a thousand dreams,millions of lonely
appear like a true friend
between the tired soul
in anxious and tears
I show to you,Allah
the most beautiful in life
Although i'm fragile in my step
sometimes i'm not faithful to You
but in deep of my heart,the love is only for You
Forgive me when my heart is not perfectly loving You
But indeed,i hope the love for You is enthroned
time's went on
all ended for You.

6 Pemisah Kata:

SUB said...

nice one :-)

mykhalis said...

wahhh..kata-kata sendiri ke nie?khalis baca puas nak memaham..bi fail le katakan

akutetapaku.com said...

singgah sini dan bc n3...

klu sudi singgah la


kita gelanggang santai...

Cik Teddy said...

@SUB thanks^_^

Cik Teddy said...

@mykhalis erm,lgu islamic ni tp cik translate ke bhse inggeris..hihi
pkcik khalis bljr la bi,x susah pon kalo nak..

Cik Teddy said...

@akutetapaku cik nak pi singgah nih!^_^