Sep 28, 2011

Diary of Lee Hong Ki~

~This is diary of Lee Hong Ki~

4 days ago I was seriously in stress..I could not do anything.
I just missing her so much as every morning she would wake me up
with her sweet voice on phone.
And then we would go for jogging.
But 4 days ago, I had to do everything alone.
When I was on the stage to perform,I saw her in a crowded people.
I smiled and kept on singing.
But when I looked back,she wasn't there..
How depress I was! I need her..
One morning..I went out for breakfast.I stared at white coffee on my table
which was her favourite."Ouh..when she will come back?"
Out of the blue,I smelt sakura perfume..I knew this scent!
When I turned back..
Oh My Girl!
At last,she come back..Now I can sing perfectly!
watch me..this song is specially dedicated for her, Cik Kasih.
Lots Of Love,
Lee Hong Ki

4 Pemisah Kata:

Pendamba Mawar said...

hello2.. goodbye2

LoVe HunTer.. said...


Miss A said...

hahaha ni memang peminat hongki nih... tapi hongki memang comey pun.. dlam ramai2 geng ft island tu aku kenal die sorg jer :p

Gadis mutiara said...

ft island sgt best dan hong ki sangat best=p