Jul 18, 2011

~I Am VIP~

peace be upon to all bloggers and non bloggers,
to all my friends and whoever..
I want to announce that i've been promoted
to be VIP..
says--> what kind of VIP?what?what?
Actually,i never expect that i will be a VIP..
This is what we called 'rezeki'
. .fortune. .
Don't worry guys,i will never forget all of you..
Although i will be a bit busy after this,I
will spend my spare time with you,my beloved
grrr..i admit,i'm just joking..actually,i am VIP in iMBobo blog..hihi
you don't believe me? check THIS out..
last but not least,thanks to iMBobo for choosing me to be VIP in your heart blog..
see ya!
p/s: I love eating chocos..yummy!

4 Pemisah Kata:

Freaky said...

wahh tahniah masuk dalam vip :D

Cik Teddy said...

thanks freaky!

Pure Mahabbah Fillah said...

da big tq 4 u...

Cik Teddy said...

u r wlcome fillah