Jul 1, 2011

juSt sHut uP!

answer it..don't forget..
what will you do when you feel..ouh,so stress!
in Islam,we should pray to Allah..ask Allah for a peace..
but still,i'm as a human..i need to do something..
i wanna scream loud! who cares? who knows?
i'm not to0 crazy to scream in front of others..
sometimes i'm sick of people around me...SHUT UP PLEASE!
when no one hear my voices-->
and please do not disturb me when i'm like this..but still,they don't get it.
i don't need you to understand me..i just wanna you to SHUT UP!

2 Pemisah Kata:

alif haris said...

saba2 .. huhu ..

ngerinya tgk gamba tu .. huk3

Cik Teddy said...