Jun 18, 2011

FB is getting boring!

i wanna ask who is addicted to Fb or STILL addicted with Fb?
ade je kot..
and u know what i'm thinking?
Fb is getting boring and person who's still adoring Fb is a boring person to0..
u know why i said that?
it's obvious guys!
don't you notice what are you doing everytime u log in Fb?
update your status,comment others(status,pic etc)
upload pics(sometimes make me 'grr' when i see them)-->sorry
ouh,don't you realise that?
your daily schedule is so00oo BORING??(with Fb)
another questi0n,,what is your aim actually by activing yourself in Fb?
just to collect comments on your pics?(lol..sengal!)
i don't care if you wanna make go0d deeds..i salute that!
what i hate the most is..let me show you an example:
-->letihnya hari ni..ouh..
-->best sangat pergi makan KFC..yum2!
-->laparnya..rase cam nak makan nasi ayam!
~new pics!me and my bf/gf..comment plez..
'PERLU KE????'
people who made these statement is so annoying to me..
now please3..make something that is go0d to others..
*im sorry if some of you misundersto0d of what i meant.
i made this entry for those who usde fb as a vice place by showing their 'bad' pics
and others..so please behave yourself in social networking^_^
p/s: sorry for the annoying entry..just wanna say what i thought.
and sorry for the lang to0

7 Pemisah Kata:

Freaky said...

bg freaky fb ni sbg tempat nak post entri blog kat group blogger je

Cik Teddy said...


bersama kak Es said...

kak Es jadikan FB tempat utk beramah mesra dgn sedar yg jauh . so far.. i really enjoy using FB :)

Cik Teddy said...

ouh..kalo mcm tu ok je..
maaf mungkin ade yg tersalah anggap tp cik buat entry ni untuk mreka yg suka menjadikan fb as medan maksiat..

Azreen Shafila Abdullah said...

betol2..sokong 100%.. jgn salah gunakan laman sosial itu.. :)

Cik Teddy said...

thanks azreen^_^

alongxp said...

haha...sbb tu sy aktif kat twitter n fb, jarang sangat2 update status kat fb, kebanyakkanye kat twitter,kalau kat twitter, ape yg terfikir,ape yg nampak sume tweet...hehehe