Jun 2, 2011

what about your personal hygiene?^_^

hi everyone! today i feel like i wanna write in english..hope u don't mind..SMILE!
ok now i would like to talk about our personal hygiene..
actually,i wanna share about my personal hygiene,how i take care of myself..just wanna sharing ok?
ok let's take a lo0k^_^
when i got up..well as usual,brush my teeths of course with fresh & white toothpaste..
then,i will use listerine to get more freshness^_^
what next?ouh for shower..i use lifebouy^_^
herm..ok next is to clean my hair,i choose herbal essence^_^
now for my face..guess what i use?
"ok,that's all for today..sorry for disturbing you with all these ridiculous entry.."
actually,i just wanna say that in Islam,we are concerning about personal hygiene..
before u pray or doing other worships,u must clean your body first..from all the dirtiness!
so,thanks u..may Allah bless us!
p/s: hope my english is well!

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